Have Your Say! Halifax Town Centre Development

Calderdale Council are delivering regeneration in Halifax, creating new public spaces, improving accessibility, creating areas where people can move around free of traffic, improving vehicle circulation around the town and public transport connectivity, and supporting aspirations for inclusive growth.

They want to introduce a new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) so we can:

  • create new public spaces,
  • develop a sense of place that links with the historic core of Halifax,
  • improve accessibility,
  • create areas where people can move around free of traffic,
  • improve vehicle circulation around the town,
  • improve public transport connectivity,
  • and support aspirations for inclusive growth in Halifax.

Calderdale Council welcome your views on their proposals.

You can use Calderdale TraffWeb to comment, agree, object, or plot an issue on the map. Alternatively, you can email them here.

Please contact them if you would like printed copies or materials in different formats.

This consultation is open now and will close on Sunday 5 March 2023. The council will review all feedback and use what they learn to develop the designs. These designs will be subject to further formal consultation.

Have Your Say Here.

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