Getting Better Phone & Broadband Deals

Did you know, there are cheap broadband deals for people on benefits?
Social tariffs are low-cost broadband packages for people who get certain benefits, such as Universal Credit. For more about this and to see the full list of packages available, visit: Ofcom and Money Saving Expert.

People seeking work could get six months free broadband with Talk Talk through their local Jobcentre Plus. There is no contract and no usage limit, and at the end of the six months, you have the option to cancel the service for free or continue on a standard TalkTalk contract. Speak to your work coach to find out if you qualify.

Cheap broadband deals anyone can get
Money Saving Expert has tips on how to get the best deals for:
Mobile phones.
Broadband and TV.
Do you struggle to pay your mobile or broadband bill? Speak to your provider as soon as possible to see how they can help.
Ofcom has Tips for cutting your phone, broadband and pay-TV costs. For example,
– If you are out of contract, you could get a better deal
– Use comparison websites to find the best deals
– Ask your current provider to match better deals you’ve seen elsewhere

By spending as little as five minutes on the phone to your provider you
could save hundreds of pounds.
If you’re unsure what to ask them, the following questions should help:
• Am I still in my initial contract period?
• How much am I paying?
• What am I getting for that price?
• Can I get a better service, and how much will it cost?
• How long will that contract be for?
• Do I need to pay any fees to sign up to a new deal?
• What happens when that contract ends?

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