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New data from the 2021 Census shows that the older population in England is more diverse than ever.

Understanding this diversity is crucial because we know that inequality between different groups – whether those groups differ by ethnicity, sexual orientation or other characteristics – widens as people age. Read more

Health and place: how levelling up health can keep older workers working

International Longevity Centre UK – January 2023

This policy briefing recommends that the government increases spending on preventative health programmes to at least 6% of the national health budget. These funds should be directed towards the strengthening local prevention programmes. It adds that part of the £4.8 billion levelling up infrastructure fund is earmarked for projects that will create jobs suitable for older workers in the ‘unhealthiest’ local authority areas, especially in those where a high proportion of employment is in manual work.

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Waiting for an age: the real impact of raising the State Pension age

Age UK- January 2023

This report finds that 3.5 million people aged 50-64 are out of the workforce, many of them in poor health and with few savings by the time they reach State Pension age.

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Occupational social class differences in the impact of COVID-19 related employment disruptions on retirement planning amongst older workers in England

Rowson T et al, Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 23 (4) 2022

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect retirement planning in England? This study, using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), finds that having to stop work because of COVID-19 was associated with planning to retire earlier. This effect did not vary significantly between different ‘occupational social classes’.

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An analysis of the Dutch-style pension plans proposed by UK policymakers

Owadally I et al, Journal of Social Policy, 51 (2) 2022

Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pension schemes, common in the Netherlands, involve the pooled management of members’ retirement savings and incorporate inter-generational risk sharing features. In addition, employers are not subject to investment and longevity risks. This paper discusses how such schemes might be introduced in the UK and how they compare with current Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes.

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Can’t save or won’t save – financial resilience and discretionary retirement saving among British adults in their thirties and forties

Suh E, Ageing and Society, 42 (12) December 2022

Are younger people aged 30-49 saving for retirement, other than in state or workplace saving schemes? This study finds that ‘financial resilience’, which in turn is closely connected to income and home ownership, is the strongest predictor of discretionary retirement saving. Socio-economic factors, rather than age, are the key indicators of retirement saving behaviour.

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Making retirement living affordable: the role of shared ownership housing for older people

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People – January 2023

This is the report of an inquiry launched in December 2021 by the APPG on Housing and Care for Older People. It was established to ‘promote discussion and set the agenda for developing better, more joined up housing and care for older people, promising greater choices in later life.’ It sought to specifically assess the potential of shared ownership for an ageing population.

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Housing and care: good practice guide

South West Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) – January 2023

ADASS and Housing LIN have published a guide for councils and their local partners on how to deliver the range of housing and care options needed by older people and working age adults with care/support needs. The nine actions set out in the report are drawn from engagement and discussion with all councils in the south west of England, local and national good practice examples, and a range of relevant resources and tools.

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Planning for retirement?

Retirement Housing Group – December 2022

This report looks at how the planning system needs to change to better support the delivery of specialist housing for older people. It argues simple amendments to the operation of the town planning system could help to increase delivery of specialist homes.

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Do home adaptation interventions help to reduce emergency fall admissions?

Hollinghurst J et al, Age and Ageing, 51 (1) 2022

This study of over 650,000 older people living in Wales aims to discover whether a home adaptation intervention reduces the risk of emergency admission related to a fall. Higher risk of a fall is associated with older age, being female, increased frailty and a higher level of deprivation. Those who received home adaptations had been selected because they were at higher risk of a fall and the intervention was found to reduce that risk.

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Care and support reimagined: a national care covenant for England

Archbishops’ Commission on Reimagining Care – January 2023

This report sets out three actions to realise a new vision for care and support: rethinking attitudes to care and support; rebalancing roles and responsibilities; and redesigning the social care system.

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Support for adult social care this winter

Department of Health and Social Care – January 2023

This document sets out how the Department of Health and Social Care is supporting the adult social care sector during winter 2022 to 2023. It is aimed at care providers, local authorities, integrated care systems, carers and social care staff.

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