Mobile Breast Screening Unit back in Halifax from January

Pennine Breast Screening Service is bringing a mobile unit to the Asda store in Halifax from the beginning of January 2023 to offer early detection of breast cancer.

Most women diagnosed with breast cancer are over age 50 plus and as early detection saves lives, Pennine Breast Screening is working to raise awareness of the importance of attending your 3 yearly mammogram, 

A mammogram can potentially find breast disease up to two years before you can feel or see it yourself, making treatment options simpler and easier. All women and those registered as female, aged 50-71 years will be invited automatically, provided they are registered with a GP. Women aged over 71 years can ring and make their own appointment.

The mobile unit will be stationed at Asda Halifax for about 5 months and you should wait to receive your letter before ringing for an appointment. Appointments are also available at the Breast Unit at St Luke’s Bradford which also offers some evening and Saturday appointments.

The first set of invitation letters will be sent to women registered with Boulevard MP ( inc Saville Park and Horne Street) and Plane Trees Surgery. There are nearly 8000 women eligible to be invited over the coming months and letters will be sent out in batches.

More about the screening process
A mammogram lasts around 5 minutes, although it is advised that you allow 30 minutes for the whole appointment.  It can feel a little weird the first time you have a mammogram, and most women say it’s ‘a bit of a tight squeeze but no big deal’ and are grateful for the peace of mind that it brings. There are several steps into the mobile unit. Women who struggle with steps can attend at St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford for their mammogram.

You can learn about the process here and in Urdu at and Polish at

The simple message is to know what is normal for your body by looking and feeling your chest area each month, if you notice something different, go to your doctor. It might be nothing, so why wait and worry?

See how to check your breasts (men too) at: or at

Staff from Pennine Breast Screening are also available to join meetings including online to personally share information with your group and aim to make it informal and friendly. To find out more email: