Breast Screening For Older Women Coming to NE Halifax

The Pennine Breast Screening team will be setting up locally to the North and East Halifax early in January 2023, offering women and those registered as female aged 50-71 years the opportunity to screen themselves for breast cancer.

Screening is the best approach we currently have for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The session is brief and not too discomforting.

Feeling shy? Think you are too busy to bother? These are popular thoughts that women might have. All our staff are women, they want to take a good image of you so that you get the reassurance that all is ok.

Please wait to receive your invitation in the post before getting in touch with the team. If you haven’t received your invitation, contact your GP at the first instance.

Read more information about Breast Screening

Patients registered at Boulevard MP ( inc Saville Park and Horne Street) and Plane Trees Surgery will receive invitations soon.

There are nearly 8000 women to be invited and invites are not all sent at once. They are sent in batches so those registered at Rosegarth, Lister Lane, Springhall and King Cross will get them in a few months time

Learn about the process :
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The simple message is know what is normal for your body by looking and feeling your chest area each month, if you notice something different, go to your doctor. It might be nothing, so why wait and worry?

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