Square Chapel’s 250th Birthday

Square Chapel are hosting a full day of events on 3rd December, to mark 250 years since the original building was constructed, 30 years since it received Arts Centre status and one year since officially reopening to the public. It is a chance for people to reminisce but to also look toward the future of Square Chapel since it recently secured funding from Arts Council England’s 2023-26 Investment Round and joins the National Portfolio of Organisations from April 2023.

They’re lending some of their celebrations to revisit the building’s compelling history and the figures affiliated with it, with the help of our favourite, local Historian, David Glover.

Square Chapel will be hosting their 250th Birthday party in the Atrium Bar from 12 pm, which will continue throughout the day and will feature various local performances, culminating in live DJ sets from 8 pm.

The evening’s event will be a toast to the arts, with a Celebration Concert that will take place in Red Brick Theatre. Doors will from 6:30 pm with a performance time of 7 pm. Square Chapel have chosen to feature a line-up of local talents all of which have a special connection to the venue. Audiences can expect an evening rich in talent and diversity with a generous line-up.

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