National Tree Week – Plant A Tree in Calderdale

Late November marks the start of the tree planting season and to mark this, National Tree Week runs from the 26 November until 4 December and is organised by the Tree Council.  Their website offers advice on choosing the right tree for the right place and looking after your tree after it has been planted.

It’s worth checking out our local tree cooperative to see what trees they have for sale this year too. They collect locally sourced seeds every autumn and grow them on to improve and create new woodlands in Calderdale. Any surplus stock, they sell on to help fund the project.

Tree planting is particularly important at the present time for wildlife and to help slow down the rate our climate is changing so why not see if you can find space for a tree in your garden or on land that you own?

For anyone who would like to get involved with tree planting on a larger scale, in Calderdale, have a look here and here.

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