Neighbourhood Watch 2021/22 Impact Report

Neighbourhood Watch’s 2021/22 Impact Report, highlights how, in their 40th anniversary year, they are helping more people feel safe and connected. The report demonstrates how they are beating crime and building a more diverse set of partnerships in communities, according to John Hayward-Cripps, their CEO.

He went on to add:

“Our work on antisocial behaviour, burglary, theft and car crime remains vitally important, but it is important we continue to do more than this. We work hard to address crimes such as violence against women and girls, rural crime, scams, fraud, cybercrime and more.

Through uniting communities on what matters to them, we are also bringing new people together and, in so doing, increasing pride in our neighbourhoods and reducing loneliness and isolation.

We couldn’t have achieved what we have in the past year without the hard work and dedication of our funders, partners, trustees, staff, our own communities, and most importantly, our incredible volunteers.

Read our impact report here.”

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