FAQ: Vulnerable People & The Hosepipe Ban

Yorkshire Water is introducing a hosepipe ban on 26 August 2022, following a very dry Spring and Summer.

From 26 August 2022 the following activities are prohibited:

  • Watering a garden using a hosepipe
  • Cleaning a private motor-vehicle using a hosepipe
  • Watering plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe
  • Cleaning a private leisure boat using a hosepipe
  • Filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool
  • Drawing water, using a hosepipe, for domestic recreational use
  • Filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe
  • Filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain
  • Cleaning walls, or windows, of domestic premises using a hosepipe
  • Cleaning paths or patios using a hosepipe
  • Cleaning other artificial outdoor surfaces using a hosepipe

You can still carry out these activities if they use water from a bucket or watering can; or use water that is not sourced from the mains such as grey water, rainwater from a water butt through a hosepipe, or private boreholes for example.

Are Vulnerable and Elderly People Exempt?

The following FAQ information is from the Yorkshire Water website. It outlines how and why certain people are exempt from the ban, including those who are on the Yorkshire Water Priority Services Register. We’ve been working with Yorkshire Water promoting their Priority Services Register and we’d continue to recommend you sign up to it. It’s a great way of making sure that you have one less thing to worry about. Here are the benefits of being on the register.

Hosepipe Ban Exemption FAQ

What about people who are elderly, registered disabled or are a blue badge holder and can’t carry a watering can?
If you are a blue badge holder, on our Priority Services register or our WaterSure tariff for medical reasons, then you will be an exception to the ban. However, we would still encourage you to think about how you could save and re-using water around the home as much as you can. People should not put themselves at risk unnecessarily. If you know someone who may struggle to use a watering can, they can apply for an exemption.

I’m a Priority Services customer – would this ban apply to me?
No. We are contacting all Priority Services customers proactively to tell them that we would really like their help and if they can refrain from using their hosepipe that would be great but if they do need to use them, they – along with Blue Badge holders – they would be exempt.

Why are Priority Services customers and Blue Badge holders exempt from the ban?
People who are registered disabled, a blue badge holder or a Priority Services customer will be exempt from the hosepipe ban but we would still ask them to be mindful of the amount of water they use. We don’t want anyone to put themselves at risk unnecessarily and recognise that some of these customers will struggle with the restrictions which will be in place as a result of the ban.

I’m a blue badge holder/Priority Services customer, but other people in my house aren’t. Is the entire household exempt from the ban?
No, only the blue badge holder or people registered as a Priority Services customer are covered by the exemption. Our intention is to support those who are unable to use an alternative to a hosepipe.

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