Changes To Calderdale and Huddersfield’s Hospital Services

Please find below a link to the public website covering the huge project of reconfiguration of Calderdale and Huddersfield’s hospital services

Key Highlights

  • Both hospitals sites will provide 24/7 A&E services and day-case, outpatient and diagnostic services
  • The A&E at CRH will receive all blue light emergency ambulances. Patients requiring acute inpatient admission will be transferred by ambulance from HRI to CRH.
  • Acute adult and paediatric inpatient medical services, intensive care services, emergency surgery and paediatric surgery will be provided at CRH.
  • Midwifery services will be provided at both hospitals. Consultant led obstetrics and neo-natal care will be provided at CRH.
  • Planned surgery will be provided at HRI. Patients that require complex planned surgery requiring access to ICU will be treated at CRH.
  • ‘Step-down’ physician-led inpatient care will be provided at HRI
  • The total number of hospital beds will remain broadly as they are now.

The Benefits of Service Reconfiguration

  • Patient Safety
  • Workforce Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Learning from the Pandemic included in Designs
  • Support reduction in carbon use and emissions
  • Estate Safety & Reduce Backlog Maintenance
  • Support Economic Regeneration and Social Value
  • Improve Financial Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Modern state of the art environment for patients and colleagues

The Timeline and Next Steps

  • HRI A&E in construction due to complete August 2023
  • New MSCP at CRH construction to commence 2023 and  complete by 2024
  • New Learning Centre at CRH to commence 2022 and complete by 2023
  • Commence Construction of New Clinical Build CRH in 2024
  • Complete Construction at CRH by 2026
  • Transition and Benefits from 2027
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