South Asian Dementia Pathway Toolkit (ADaPT)

Roughly 25,000 people from ethnic minority communities live with dementia in the UK. The largest single grouping are people whose origins are South Asian countries. People from these communities are at greater risk of developing dementia. However, they are less likely to access support at all points of the dementia care pathway, so are more likely to seek help in a crisis or at a later stage in the condition.

A new toolkit aims to provide improved culturally sensitive support for people living with dementia from South Asian communities. People from South Asian communities are at greater risk of developing dementia but are less likely to access all points of the care pathway – and more likely to present in crisis and/or at a later stage. They are more likely to face barriers including a late or missed diagnosis, reduced access to treatments, and inappropriate or inadequate support coupled with problems caused by language barriers. They often rely on local, community-led organisations for support.

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