Choosing The Correct NHS Service in Calderdale

Winter sees all our health services under a lot of pressure. To help the NHS, we all need to know which service is best suited to our medical needs. On this page you’ll find a quick and easy to use guide to help you.

  • Self Care At Home: Many minor issues like coughs, grazes and sore throats can be treated at home. More Info
  • Pharmacy: Great for medical advice and treatment for things like colds, tummy troubles, rashes, aches and pains. More Info
  • NHS111: Visit the NHS 111 website or call 111 if you need medical help quickly, 24/7. More Info
  • Mental Health: Call 0800 183 0558 for free, confidential, help, support, information and guidance. More Info
  • GP: GP practices provide advice and support on a range of health concerns. Seven days a week. More Info
  • A&E: For life threatening emergencies like heart attacks. 24/7. More Info