What’s On At Calderdale Museums

Smith Art Gallery

The Grand Tour10 January – 25 June 2022This exhibition will take you on a Grand Tour of Europe through some of the incredible paintings in our collection. The Grand Tour was a period of foreign travel undertaken by the British upper classes between 1660 and 1840. Through layers of paint and colour, we will explore destinations on the Grand Tour and discover how travel shaped the lives and work of British artists and the upper classes. The exhibition features 36 paintings, including works by Samuel Prout, John Ruskin and Albert Goodwin. You will also be able to see original objects belonging to renowned diarist, lesbian and intrepid traveller Anne Lister.

Shibden Hall

April admissions to Shibden Hall are now openBook your timed entry to Shibden Hall during April 2022 here.

Visit Calderdale’s day-by-day guide to what’s onThe Anne Lister Birthday Festival 2022 gives you the opportunity to follow in Anne Lister’s  footsteps here in Halifax, Yorkshire. Explore the places she knew, learn about her life, and see where the TV show Gentleman Jack was filmed. See the guide here.

Introductory tour of the ‘Fashion in the Time of Anne Lister’ exhibitionAn introductory tour of the ‘Fashion in the Time of Anne Lister’ exhibition with Curator, Elinor Camille-Wood. Discover fascinating 1830s dresses, with supersized sleeves, intricate patterned designs, flamboyant bonnets, wonderful waistcoats and lots more! Register here.

Introductory tour of the ‘Shibden 600’ exhibitionAn introductory tour of the ‘Shibden 600’ exhibition with Curator, Eli Dawson. Come along for a personal insight into the making of the exhibition, 600 years of Shibden’s history and the story behind the exclusive portraits of Mariana and Charles Lawton. Register here.

Anne Lister’s Father and the American RevolutionWhat links Anne Lister and the American War of Independence? Join this exclusive talk from Museum Curator Eli Dawson and Military Historian John Spencer to learn about the life of British Army Officer Jeremy Lister and his experiences of fighting in the Revolutionary War. Book your tickets here.

Shibden Hall’s 1st March Reopening – Pre-book your timed entry during March 2022

Bankfield Museum

Shibden 6008 January – 24 December 2022

Shibden Hall is famous as the home of Anne Lister whose celebrated diaries have made her an iconic figure. Yet Anne is only a small part of the Shibden story, one that dates back to 1420 and has grown and developed with the changing fortunes of its ordinary and not-so-ordinary inhabitants. Now to mark its 600th anniversary, Bankfield Museum is holding a special exhibition that celebrates Shibden’s place in the local community. It features some of the finest paintings by renowned local artists such as John Horner, as well as important objects from the lives of Shibden’s residents. For fans of Anne Lister, there is also the exclusive opportunity to view never-before seen portraits of key figures from her life story. From dedicated fans to the first-time visitor, Shibden 600 offers a fresh insight into the meaning of one of the most historic buildings in Calderdale.

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