New winter programme from Calderdale Heritage Walks

Calderdale Heritage Walks are now offering a complete winter walks programme. They are restricting numbers in the groups both for your safety and that of their guides.

All walks must be pre-booked on TicketSource 

Sunday 12th December 2021: Georgian Halifax.
Three or four Halifax buildings of the 1700s / early 1800s are well known, but many others are far less familier. Anne Lister surprised at the extent of Halifax’s Georgian heritage.  Meet Anne Kirker by the West Gate [ie top gate] of Halifax Piece Hall. HX1 1PW.

Sunday 19th December: A stroll round the middle of old Elland
In 1086 the town featured in Domesday Book. It has a fine old parish church. We’llsee how the town evolved and developed  down the centuries. From many banks, to none and a similar story for many mills. A town hall that was a cinema and an old
fashioned cinema which carries on the old traditions.  Meet Ian Philp at 1.30pm by the noticeboard in the front of St Mary’s church. HX5 0RJ.

Sunday 16th January: Lower Rastrick
The area where Rastrick meets Brighouse. It grew from around 1840 onwards into a complete new community with, not just houses, but its own small mills, places ofworship, shops, pubs and the like. A variety of improvements to the transport system, abundant building materials, coal and skilled labour allowed this area to grow rapidly. Meet Ian Philp at 1.30pm in the car park adjoining the Assembly Rooms in Brighouse. HD6 1EL.

Sunday 23rd January: Lost Churches and Chapels of Halifax
And there were many! We visit the sites of over twenty; a few remain, given new uses. From Square Congregational Chapel and Church, we move to the sites of vanished buildings: a forgotten Anglican Mission Church, a fine Unitarian Chapel, and
a Baptist place of worship connected with a famous astronomer and composer. Then there was ‘Standeven’s Chapel,’ and the church where Anne Lister’s nemesis was buried. Also, the strange story of John Wesley and the wooden angel! A 2 ½ hours
easy stroll. Suitable for dogs on leads. Meet David Glover at 1.30pm at foot of steps outside Halifax Central Library, Square Road, HX1 1UN. 2 ½ hours.

Sunday 30th January Shibden Park circuit; in the footsteps of Anne Lister
A focus on the changing landscape of the Shibden Hall Estate at the time of AnneLister. A short circular walk. Starts part way up Cunnery Lane to find out about the cottages, farms and tenants at the north side of the hall. It then turns through the
woodland and emerges from the hidden tunnel to the front of the hall. Here we find out about the constant problems of security and changes Anne made to add to the privacy of her expanding estate. Looking down, the Lister mining activities at
Mytholm can be seen and explained with a conclusion at Shibden Lake, where wefind out about the changes and properties  in this part of the parkland. Some tracks and damp areas of ground, walkingfootwear preferable. A disabled person could be  helped in navigating this route, however there are some steep parts. Meet Mike Beecham at 1.30pm at Shibden Hall overflow carpark immediately after the Godley Lane entrance, HX3 6XG. 

Sunday 20th February The Listers in Shibden Valley
We make our way from Shibden Hall to the hillside overlooking Halifax to where the now forgotten Cunnery Lane led towards Whiskam Bank, a route Anne took many times. From here can be seen the changes to the landscape where the new turnpike cut through her lands. Progressing onward to High Royd where her tenant Holt lived then on to where Copperas House owned by the Listers once stood. Down the old cobbled road of Lee Lane to see another Lister property. Passing the ancient Shibden Mill Inn and on to see Staups and Godley Grange two properties that played a part in expanding the Shibden Estate. Proper walking footwear required as parts of the route will be muddy tracks. Dogs on leads welcome. This is a 3 hour walk. Meet Mike Beecham at 1pm at Shibden Hall overflow carpark immediately after the Godley Lane entrance. HX3 6XG. 

Sunday 27th February Young Anne Lister In Halifax
View the house where Anne lived as a girl, with buildings and locations in Halifax associated with her earlier years. Learn about her early schooling in the town, her private tutor, and her point of departure on stagecoach journeys. Where did her
earliest girlfriend live; and where did she buy her blank diaries? Also, see the home and bank of Christopher Rawson, and a filming location from Gentleman Jack – building exteriors only.  Dogs on leads welcome. This is a circular walk of up to 3 hours. Some sections are fairly steep. Meet David Glover at 1.30pm at Range Bank, junction with Portland Road, HX3 6LB.

Sunday 6th March Mills, Moravians and more
There’s more to Bailiff Bridge than the crossroads! Although the vast mills have mostly gone, there’s still plenty to see. We’ll visit the Moravian settlement at Lower Wyke and go inside the church before making our way back. We’re mainly on
pavements, but some snickets could be a problem for a wheelchair. Meet Mary Twentyman at 1.30pm near the Community Centre, Bailiff Bridge, (please do not use their car park), park on Victoria Road, off the A649. HD6 4DX.

Sunday 20th March The Forgotten Heart of Halifax
Walking through history in the lower part of town: once the heart of Halifax. Slums, pubs, graft & charity: all life was there!
Meet Anne Kirker at the Parish Church Gates, Causeway, HX1 1QR.

Sunday 27th March Walsden
This walk at the western extremity of Calderdale looks at early local transport systems back to pack horse trails and toll roads and tells the stories of local chapels, mills, a Nobel prize winner and some unusual shows. Dogs on leads welcome.
Meet Anne Mealia at 1.30pm at Walsden Station OL14 6RR.

Bookings can be made on TicketSource

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