Ear syringing clinic for is helping older people improve their hearing

Ramzy’s Pharmacy in Hipperholme has set up a clinic to tackle the decline in ear syringing services in Calderdale.

Mr. Shaiyan Wirasat, who owns Ramzy’s Pharmacy is concerned about the number of elderly people having to wait for up to three months to access ear syringing.

As people age they tend to have issues with their ears, with wax build-up and that can cause temporary deafness.   And if it’s not treated it can cause infections which could later result in needing treatment in hospital.

The problem can be exacerbated by wearing hearing aids, which can prevent the wax escaping from the ear.

GP Practices are commissioned to provide ear wax removal but the increased pressure on services due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in long waiting lists.

As a result Mr. Wirasat took an enhanced qualification in ear irrigation and Syringing and is now certified to provide this service at his pharmacy.

Ramzy’s Pharmacy is located at Leeds Road, close to the Hipperholme Crossroads.  Postcode HX3 8ND.

To book an appointment contact Shaiyan on 01422 202395 or email shaiyan.wirasat @nhs.net



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