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Carole Easton, Chief Executive

Over the past eighteen months, the COVID pandemic has exposed serious weaknesses in the UK’s resilience, laying bare the yawning gaps between rich and poor, and the fatal consequences of those disparities.

As well as creating opportunities for young people, if our economy is to be rebuilt there also needs to be a focus on later life.

It was great in yesterday’s Budget and Spending Review to see a clear financial commitment from government to enhance support for over 50s to get back into work. We also welcome the new funding for walking and cycling and for green spaces – absolutely crucial to improving the nation’s health.

But, while the chancellor delivered an ‘age of optimism’ budget, we need more optimism around age. Given our ageing population, we need to see greater investment in prevention and a much stronger focus on tackling inequalities to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a good later life, now and in the future.

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Yesterday’s Budget and Spending Review included a welcome commitment from the government to enhance employment support for people aged over 50, as well as new funding to promote travelling by foot or by bike. However, it missed an important opportunity to support a more strategic approach to ageing and to tackle inequalities.

Read our Chief Executive’s blog on the government investment we need to help us all make the most of our later lives.

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New funding for active travel

Active travel – making day-to-day journeys by walking or cycling – is an effective way of bringing more physical activity into our everyday lives.

The new funding for walking, cycling and green spaces is crucial to keeping over 50s healthy, and helping people to lead longer and more independent lives.

Watch the video above to learn more about the motivators and barriers to active travel for people in their 50s and 60s.


Better employment support for over 50s

It’s vital that employment support helps over 50s navigate new job application processes as well as taking into account health issues and caring responsibilities.

Our ‘Back on track’ report offers lessons from the experiences of older jobseekers on how to best support this group.

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London high streets need to maximise the grey pound

Many older people want to spend in their high street but feel shut out, finding it difficult or uninviting. How can we make high streets in the capital (and elsewhere) more age-friendly, asks Tim Whitaker, Vice Chair of PAiL.

A good later life for Black men over 50

Older Black men are faced with the ‘double jeopardy’ of ethnic inequalities and ageism. However, these issues are often unseen, unknown and unsupported, says O5BM Chair Enitan Kane.

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Healthy Ageing Conference

As part of Longevity Week, UKRI’s Healthy Ageing conference will take place on 15-16 November.

Throughout the free online conference you can visit ‘The Hub’ to enjoy some fun interactive experiences in the Virtual Arcade. You can also meet some interesting businesses, partners and research projects in the 2021 Showcase, or join 15-minute networking opportunities.Read more

Using design to innovate more effectively in the healthy ageing sector

Tue 2 November | 2:00pm – 3:30pm BST

Join us for this webinar with Creative Venue and UKRI which will share tools, resources and insights from the entrepreneurs, experts and investors who participated in the recent Healthy Ageing by Design growth programme.

Read our accompanying report with lessons from experts on using design to innovate more effectively in the healthy ageing sector.

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