Report: Barriers to walking and cycling in later life

The Centre For Ageing Better have a new report into the barriers to walking and cycling in later life. Here’s their introduction to the report and links to the report.

A quarter of adults aged 55-74 are currently inactive. Our new review with Sustrans explores what motivates people in their 50s and 60s to walk and cycle in their communities – and the things that put them off.

This interim report provides a summary of the evidence reviews on attitudes to active travel among people aged 50-70 and the role the built environment plays.

Keeping physically active in mid-life helps to delay the onset and progression of many age-related health conditions and plays an important role in helping to manage the impact of health conditions once we develop them. Despite its importance, levels of physical activity begin to drop in mid-life. This is also true for active travel – that is, walking and cycling for everyday journeys. Although it is one key approach to building regular physical activity into daily life, people in mid and later life are less likely to participate in active travel than younger age groups.

We commissioned Sustrans to carry out research to understand the barriers and enablers to participating in active travel in mid to later life. This includes evidence reviews of the existing literature and primary qualitative research to address gaps identified in those evidence reviews.

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