Newsletter of the Centre For Better Ageing

A quarter of adults aged 55-74 are currently inactive. Our new review with Sustrans explores what motivates people in their 50s and 60s to walk and cycle in their communities – and the things that put them off. Read more

“I have experienced my fair share of cycle lanes that peter out and disappear”

Ageing Better Evidence Manager Aideen Young considers why people in mid and later life are less likely to walk or cycle than younger age groups.

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A good home must be a digitally connected one

Digital connectivity has become an essential part of what makes a good home, but many people are still missing out on the benefits. Now’s the time for finding innovative solutions.

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The missing market

How can we build the market for homewares and appliances that are easy to use and meet the changing needs of older consumers? Watch now

Reframing ageing

Over half of people think UK society is ageist – and people in their 50s and 60s are most likely to feel negative about ageing. Don’t miss our recent report on current attitudes to ageing – and how we can shift them. Read more

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