Priority Services Register: Quicker and easier customer communications with Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water has joined forces with Calderdale Forum 50 Plus to bring the benefits of its Priority Services Register to our readers.

During the pandemic, it has been more difficult to communicate with businesses and public organisations, as face-to-face contact has been reduced or in some cases eliminated, forcing customers into using online communication or left hanging on the telephone for long periods as services have been overwhelmed.

Recognising the diverse needs of many of their customers and subsequent challenges faced by the elderly, Yorkshire Water has joined forces with Calderdale Forum 50 Plus to promote its Priority Services Register which prioritises communication and customer service with certain groups of customer including the over 65s.

During emergency incidents, Yorkshire Water prioritise contact for Priority Services Register customers who may be more severely impacted by a loss of water supply or other incident

Yorkshire Water don’t ask for any evidence or proof when you sign up to their register.  And if you are asked to be a nominee for someone else – you can sign up on their behalf.

Benefits of the Priority Services Register include:

Easier communications: Bills and letters can be supplied in large print, braille or audio and 24-hour notification for planned works sent by post.

In an emergency, customers with specific needs e.g. dependency on dialysis or mobility  issues will be prioritised for bottled water supplies

Your security is safeguarded through the use of a Yorkshire Water password if staff need to visit your home or call you by telephone.

Keeping you safe and secure

With the rise in scams, we recommend that anyone who is concerned about security or struggling with reading bills should appoint a nominee to manage your account.

The Priority Services Register is free to sign-up to for anyone aged 65 and older and supports customers who may be in ‘vulnerable’ circumstances, whether these circumstances are temporary or permanent.

It’s very easy to set up and all you need to do is supply the account name, address, telephone number, email (if you have one), services required and the nominee name and details.

The customer services team at Yorkshire Water are responsive and helpful, trained to make the process simple.

Ash Roberts, customer vulnerability manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “Customers on our priority services register can disclose any additional needs they may have, and tailor their account to meet their requirements. We can support customers who have sight problems or are hard of hearing, have home dialysis, use a wheelchair, have mobility concerns, are a new parent, are concerned about unwanted callers, or would like someone else to manage their account.

“Signing up to the priority services register helps us understand day to day customer needs, as well as in the event of planned work, or an emergency repair, so we can make sure they get the assistance they need as soon as possible.”

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