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Working well? How the pandemic changed work for people with health conditions

Centre for Ageing Better – June 2021

This research highlights the challenges faced by employees with long-term health conditions. It warns that more support is needed to help people manage their conditions in the workplace if the State Pension Age is to rise further.

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Changing patterns of work at older ages

Institute for Fiscal Studies- June 2021

This report explores the evidence on the nature of paid work at older ages, how employment patterns differ for people in different circumstances and how the situation is changing over time.

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A study of work and health transitions: analysis of Understanding Society

Department for Work and Pensions – July 2021

The research acknowledges the importance of developing more targeted, personalised and efficient interventions to improve the employment rate among people affected by ill health and disability. The findings will help to inform more sophisticated approaches to work and health policy interventions.

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Pension Credit toolkit

Department for Work and Pensions – June 2021

This toolkit is designed to provide ideas and guidance for organisations wishing to encourage people to claim Pension Credit where they might be entitled.

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Pension reforms, the generational welfare contract and preferences for pro-old welfare policies in Europe 

Riekhoff A-J, Social Policy and Administration, 55 (3) May 2021

This study investigates the association between pension reform and ‘pro-old’ welfare policies in Europe. It finds that pension reforms are associated with a decline in ‘pro-old’ policy preferences in countries that have raised the retirement age or introduced private pensions. The study states that although support for ‘pro-old’ welfare policies has declined in almost all countries, this has not necessarily undermined the overall generational welfare contract.

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Stronger together: a co-production toolkit from Ageing Better 

Ambition for Ageing – July 2021

This interactive toolkit aims to support those who want to use a co-production approach to involve people in the design of services, projects or activities that impact them and their communities.

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Interdependence, commitment, learning and love – the case of the United Kingdom’s first older women’s co-housing community

Fernández Arrigoitia M, West K, Ageing and Society, 41 (7) July 2021

Interest in alternative forms of housing and living that align more closely with people’s expectations in later life are increasing. This study looks at what is thought to be the UK’s first, established women-only senior co-housing project. It asks ‘is it for the privileged few?’ and ‘what might it tell us about post-traditional ageing?’.

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Structural discrimination and abuse – COVID-19 and people in care homes in England and Wales

Parker J, Journal of Adult Protection, 23 (3) 2021

This study argues that the high death toll from COVID-19 among care home residents and social care staff in England and Wales is a form of ‘structural’ discrimination and abuse which should be considered as a distinct form of elder abuse and neglect.

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COVID-19 and the digital divide: Supporting digital inclusion and skills during the pandemic and beyond

Centre for Ageing Better – July 2021

This report offers examples of good practice and recommendations for organisations that deliver services to users and help digitally excluded people with skills training.

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COVID-19 and Social Exclusion: Experiences of older people living in areas of multiple deprivation

Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group – July 2021

The research funded by Manchester City Council, the Centre for Ageing Better and the National Lottery Community Fund’s Ageing Better Programme. It was designed to learn about the pandemic’s impact on the everyday lives of older people, to examine the activities of community organisations working on their behalf, and to assist the local authorities and NGOs who work with them.

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Interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of older people living alone

Johnstone G et al, Ageing and Society, 41 (7) July 2021

This review of interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of older people living alone identifies two main themes: ‘ageing safely in place’ – providing services for, and monitoring, individuals living alone; and ‘psychological and social wellbeing’ – including befriending, group activities and reminiscence therapies. The study emphasises the importance of not only providing services for individuals at home but also easier access to external services.

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