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Age UK calls on the Prime Minister to #KeepYourPromiseBoris

Age UK has signed a letter alongside 50 other charities, which has been sent to Boris Johnson calling for him to keep his promise and bring forward his plans for social care reform urgently.

The tragic deaths of tens of thousands of older people in care homes during the pandemic has made it even clearer how desperately social care needs fixing. After two years in office, it’s time the Prime Minister kept his promise to “fix the crisis in social care once and for all”.

Crucially, we are asking the Prime Minister to go beyond a suggested cap on costs. He also needs to properly fund local councils’ social care budgets, so everyone’s care needs are met, and to provide recognition and fair pay for care staff. This is the beginning of a renewed push for our social care campaign. Alongside these charities, we will be launching a variety of actions calling for the PM to #KeepYourPromiseBoris.

It’s been two years this week since Boris Johnson made his promise, so Age UK and 10 older people campaigners decided to mark the occasion by delivering an anniversary card and cake to the Prime Minister at Downing Street.

The card showed that the Prime Minister has checked some major pledges off his to-do list, but fixing social care still remains. The Prime Minister must keep his promise and help millions of older people with their care costs, provide proper funding for care services, and give care workers the recognition they deserve. Find out more

‘Too old to help?’ – Experiences of older people who are socially excluded

Age UK has joined up with The Salvation Army to produce a series of reports exploring the experiences of older people who are homeless, former prisoners, living in poverty, or living with alcohol and substance abuse difficulties. You can find out more, including how to download the reports, below.

The reports are based on ethnographic research with older people who are socially excluded, as well as interviews with professionals delivering best practice services. They provide a series of recommendations to ensure that support for older people who are socially excluded is age-friendly and accessible. View research here

Learn to Save a life – Free Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training

UK Coaching, in partnership with Sport England, have launched a free sudden cardiac arrest toolkit to enable you to act fast and save potentially save a life, which we wanted to share with you.

With restrictions easing, many of you will be returning to face-to-face delivery of services locally, including physical activities and sport. Health and safety of participants will be as important as ever, with a focus on Covid-19 protocols, but knowledge, awareness and training for sudden cardiac arrests is just as important – especially as many older people will have been limited to the amount regular physical activity and exertion over the last year.

This digital toolkit includes an interactive e-learning course, in collaboration with Resuscitation Council UK, St John Ambulance and Joe Humphries Memorial Trust. The toolkit is free and will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

UK Coaching are encouraging anyone involved in sports and physical activity, including coaches, instructors, club organisers, referees, volunteers, participants, and spectators to access this life-saving learning. Whether you are new to basic life support training, or would like to refresh your learning, this course is an excellent opportunity to do this. Find out more

nfpSynergy research on driving inclusivity in charity communications

nfpSynergy have released an article on findings from their research with Minority Ethnic and LGBTQ+ audiences since they started polling these groups on behalf of charities in 2019. The research explores how these audiences feel about the charity sector, and how this research could be used to help charities to communicate more effectively with their audiences. A blog discussing their recent findings can be viewed via the link below.

nfpSynergy have also shared research from earlier this year entitled “How do minority ethnic audiences engage with charities?” which can be downloaded here.

Playlist for Life

Playlist for Life is a music and dementia charity trying to reach as many older people and those living with dementia as possible. Community groups are being encouraged to help bring the power of personal music to help those living with dementia by setting up a Playlist for Life Help Point. A Help Point is a place where people can get information about creating and using a personal playlist to help someone living with dementia. There may be people who are using your services who would benefit from Playlist for Life’s free resources or they may know someone who would benefit.

You can sign-up to be a Help Point and get access to the free webinar on sharing the power of personal music in your community. You’ll also receive free materials to distribute to people in your community. Find out more


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