Report: Care Home Mitigation – Post-Covid

What are the appropriate layers of mitigation to deploy for care homes in the context of post vaccination risk landscape? This is a governemtn report published at the end of May 2021.

Executive summary

Purpose of report in assessing post vaccination risks in the current context. This report examines the evidence of the impact of interventions to mitigate COVID-19 that have been put in place in residential care and nursing homes and considers scenarios for future mitigation provision. During the vaccination campaign a very small number of outbreaks have been observed though mortality rates are low at present, meaning that there is some ongoing risk but that it is challenging to state due to small numbers.

Care homes have experienced large outbreaks and high mortality, due to the extreme vulnerability of residents and dense contact patterns contributing to transmission. However it should be noted that older adults receiving social care services in their home (home care, domiciliary care) have similar personal vulnerability to severe outcomes from COVID-19.

Outbreaks in domiciliary care appear less common, but are likely to be under-ascertained by comparison with care homes. This paper addresses care homes specifically, but may inform future guidance for post-vaccine mitigations in domiciliary social care more generally.

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