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Retirement Income Questioned

A new report from the Pensions Policy Institute sponsored by the Centre for Ageing Better warns that a growing number of people are at risk of being unable to afford a decent standard of living in retirement. The report warns that the pandemic will further exacerbate challenges for savers and calls for a new settled consensus on retirement income adequacy. Read more

Is the advertising industry anti-ageing?

Our Communications and Programme Intern discusses the winner of Transport for London’s ‘Diversity in Advertising’ competition and how it could signal a positive step forward for age-inclusive advertising. Read more

Levelling-up’ without leaving people behind means improving our homes

Philip Box from The UK Green Building Council writes about the countless benefits retrofitting our homes will have on the environment and the economy. Read more

Join the Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice

UKRI’s Healthy Ageing Challenge is a £98m investment in research and innovation. It supports businesses, including social enterprises, to create products and services to help people as they age, and the innovative business models that enable them to be delivered at scale.

Ageing Better delivers a Community of Practice on behalf of URKI – a learning community bringing together organisations funded by the challenge and others interested in healthy ageing. The Community supports them to collaborate, share expertise, and gain insights from the innovation and research, both that funded by the project and from wider healthy ageing initiatives.

Sign up to receive updates about upcoming events and news from the Community, and read about current members below, including some brand new case studies of projects responding to the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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u3a and Ageing Better unite to challenge ageism

A recent survey showed that nearly 40% of u3a members have heard ageist language directed towards their age group and 63% of members had heard their age group described as ‘frail’. We’ve partnered with u3a in calling for an end to ageist stereotypes and attitudes. Read more

LGBT+ Inequalities

To mark Pride Month, we’ve gathered stories from older LGBT+ people to share their perspectives on inequality, community and how attitudes towards LGBT+ people have changed.

Read their stories

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