Garden Crime And Bike Theft On the Up

There has been an increase in reports relating to the theft of pedal cycles,  which have either been left unattended or taken from a garage / shed after windows or doors have been forced.

Help protect your property –

If possible – Keep your bike in a secure garage or shed which has a robust lock on the door. Any window is a potential point of entry. The glass can be obscured with various products to prevent offenders from being able to see inside and consideration should be given to the way that the glass is installed. If beading holding the glass is on the outside, it can be secured by using clutch screws or the use of silicon-based adhesives.
Secure it to an immovable object or consider installing a floor or wall mounted anchor for extra security.
Any security products you use should be secured by design or sold secure, look out for the logos

For more information on home / garden security

and for cycle crime prevention and cycle safety advice

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