Tips on Keeping Well Nourished

Keeping Well At Home is a great advice leaflet produced locally to give people advice on everyday life that will help them live healthily and with purpose – download the full leaflet here

Below is an example of the great advice you’ll find in the leaflet:

Keeping nourished

What we eat and drink is really important for our health. It keeps our immune system strong and resilient as well as enabling us to have the energy to do the things we enjoy.

Planning for and preparing meals and cooking is also a good way to keep up our daily routine, for many it can be an enjoyable part of the day.

Here are some top tips:

  • Enjoy your food – why not try some new foods or go back to old favourites? Dig out some old and new recipes to try.
  • Have plenty of variety in your diet – to help you get all the nutrients you need and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Keep an eye on yourself – if you think you are eating less than usual or don’t have much appetite keep track of your weight or check if your clothes, jewellery or belts are looser than usual.

If you have a poor appetite – have you been losing weight without trying or have a low body weight? You should try to
increase the amount of energy and protein you get each day. You may find it useful to:
• Eat little and often.
• Use full-fat food and drinks (for example, full-fat milk, yoghurts, cheese).
• Eat more protein such as meat, fish, eggs, pulses or nuts.
• It may help to speak to your GP.

  • Keeping your kitchen cupboard and freezer stocked – keep some simple, tasty foods and long-lasting foods, such as
    dried milk powder, tinned soup, rice pudding.
  • Make meal preparation easy – ideal for when you need something quick and simple, for example, ready meals,
    snacks, finger food and meal delivery services.
  • Think about how you will get your shopping – ask a neighbour, family member or Community Hub to help.
  • Stay well hydrated – we need about 6-8 drinks per day to stay well hydrated. This reduces infections and improves
    concentration, energy and mood, so we can keep our minds active.
  • If you drink alcohol – it is recommended to not have more than 14 units (one unit is a half pint or a small glass of wine) a week. Try to spread this out and have alcohol free days. Alcohol does dehydrate you, so if you can, have water, juice or a soft drinkin between.
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