Report: Differential impacts of Coronavirus on men and women

This is an interesting new paper which provides evidence from the Office for National Statistics on the differential impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on men and women. Evidence from the University of Liverpool on difference in prevalence of COVID-19 by sex within work sectors is also included.
The paper covers:
• The latest analysis of infection rates, antibodies and long Covid by sex from the ONS Covid-19 Infection Survey (CIS);
• Initial findings from vaccination uptake data from the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) linked to the ONS Public Health Data Asset (PHDA);
• Vaccine hesitancy findings from the ONS Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN);
• The latest data on Covid-19 mortality by sex;
• Estimates of wellbeing, depression and anxiety from the OPN;
• The latest analysis of young people and children’s mental health by sex from a study by NHS Digital and ONS;
• Data on childcare and homeschooling by sex from both the Time Use Survey and the OPN; and
• Inequalities in prevalence of COVID-19 by sex within work sectors from University of Liverpool

Read the full paper here

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