Grow Calderdale Newsletter

Calderdale Council publish a regular e-newsletter called “Grow Calderdale” – they have now published their Spring 2021 edition which you can view here.

Here’s a couple of topical extracts from the newsletter to whet your appetite:

April In the Garden

With Easter being at the start of April it is the perfect time to continue with getting your garden ready for growing season. Keep on top of the weeds now and make life easier for yourself later in the year. Weeds are simply plants growing in the wrong place so try and leave space for some to grow in wilder areas of your garden if possible. Flowers such as dandelions are an important source of nectar for bees that are just emerging from hibernation and are beautiful to look at too.

Don’t rush to plant out tender plants that can’t cope with frost. Far better to leave that job until late May when the risk of frost should have passed and they can thrive.

In the vegetable garden, it is time to start sowing seeds. Broad beans, beetroot, leeks, and carrots can all be planted directly into the bed now and first early potatoes can also be planted. Second earlies follow at the end of April. Find out more here.

Tips To Get More From You Gardening

Try to spend some time doing a bit of weeding every day during the
spring and summer to avoid being overwhelmed by the task. As
little as 10 minutes a day can make a huge impact and helps with
mental wellbeing too.

• Make a garden retreat to take a brew and a book outside and relax.
Even though it’s only early spring, there is warmth in the sun when it
appears, especially if you are lucky enough to have a south facing

• If you don’t feel confident gardening, then ask a friend or neighbour
for advice or have a browse online. Most gardeners will be more
than happy to share their knowledge and maybe even their plants.


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