Coronavirus Vaccine – A Quick Guide

Coronavirus can affect anyone. The Covid-19 vaccines will help protect you against the disease and reduce the risk of you becoming seriously ill.

Here’s what you need to know:

• Like all vaccines, the Covid-19 vaccines teach your body to fight the virus. They cannot give you coronavirus and the components of the vaccine leave your body within a few days.

• The vaccines are safe, tested and they work: they have been tested in the same way as all other vaccines and medicines, which showed they are safe and offer very high levels of protection against the effects of Covid-19.

• There are no animal or foetal products in either vaccine and they do not alter your DNA.

• The vaccines have been approved as halal by Muslim leaders and Christian, Hindu and Jewish faith leaders have also endorsed the vaccines. Islamic scholars have also been clear that they don’t invalidate the fast so you can still have your vaccination during Ramadan.

• The vaccines are only available from the NHS by appointment and are free. They are being offered to people in order of age or who have conditions that mean they are at greater risk from Covid-19.

• The NHS will contact you when it’s your turn – your GP practice will contact you or you will get a letter from the NHS national booking service. Please don’t contact your GP practice for information on when you or a family member will be vaccinated, they will not be able to tell you and you may stop people getting through who need medical help.

• You need two doses to get the maximum amount of protection so please make sure you attend both appointments.

• The vaccine helps stop you becoming seriously ill from Covid-19 but you may still spread the virus to others so it is still very important to follow safety guidance – in particular, wearing a mask, washing your hands and keeping two metres apart. Getting as many people as possible vaccinated against COVID-19 is our best hope for returning to normal life. Please have your vaccine when you are invited and help stop the virus.

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