New videos from Tai Chi Tigers

Tai Chi Tigers have made some new videos, to help us overcome the isolation and loneliness of the lockdown; and improve our health and wellbeing.

The videos, started as a 7-day challenge are available now to play at home, on your own or with a partner, children or anyone else allowed.

The videos are free to everyone – take a look and try them for yourself and your family here. If you like them, then Tai Chi Tigers would like you to share them.

By creating a daily habit you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

The series, Breathe – Tap – Stretch, is available on YouTube starting with this one.

They hope to help as many people as possible – so seated or standing – with sound and text prompts, they hope to have given everyone the opportunity to benefit.

They are simple to follow, simple to do, and should help everyone – young and old.


We have some fabulous feedback from people who don’t know us, and people who have never done anything like this before…

“Last year I had the Virus and was very ill, didn’t go to hospital but it was very close. What saved me was remembering the Tai Chi breathing exercises that you shown at your classes” David R 

“Doing the challenge every morning, before doing anything else, has given me a focus and a real beginning to the day. My mojo is back!!!” Sue H

“Thank you for inspiring us to move in a morning  – not always easy at the moment. Never thought that tapping would do it. The exercises for wrists and hips are quite challenging for my arthritis but hopefully I will improve with practice. 

Thank you for your time & energy”. Val H

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