Isolation & loneliness among over 55s during Covid-19

This report looks at the attitudes and coping strategies of residents of properties overseen by the Central & Cecil Housing Trust in London and it includes some useful insights into coping with the isolation resulting from lockdowns.

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Here’s their summary of the Report:

Feelings of isolation and/or loneliness can have many causes and symptoms especially over a prolonged period. The NHS reports that being alone and vulnerable can lead to depression and a serious decline in physical health and wellbeing.

With this in mind, we wanted to discover how our residents had been dealing with isolation and loneliness during the past year, and we conducted telephone interviews with many living in our housing schemes. This report illustrates what they told us. We hope it will inspire potential new partners to help; act as a point of reference for those interested in the pandemic’s impact on the over-55s; and most of all, help our residents keep connected and manage these feelings.

Our findings

  1. Many of our residents were coping admirably through the pandemic by staying connected with friends and family, going out for a walk or taking up a new activity or hobby.
  2. However, more than a third had experienced feelings of being isolated or lonely at least once a month since the start of the pandemic. And 12.2% experienced this daily or weekly.
  3. Residents have shared advice to others to help feel safe, connected and engaged.
  4. Residents have valued the many ways that C&C continue to offer opportunities to connect including through wellbeing check-ins, virtual fitness classes, arts activities and volunteering initiatives.

Here are their main suggestions for residents

Read Full Report here


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