Calderdale Flood Update From Local Flood Manager

Message from Neil Fearnley, Flood Programme Manager for Calderdale Council

We have just reached the first anniversary of Storm Ciara, which caused Calderdale’s fourth major flood in just eight years and brought 10 miles of damage across the borough.

Although not as devastating as the floods of Boxing Day 2015, the impact of the storm was felt over an even bigger area. More than a third of the homes and over half of the businesses that flooded in England last winter were in the Calder Valley.

Since then over 16 flood alerts and warnings have been issued and we had a very near miss last month during Storm Cristoph – a sobering reminder of the constant threat of climate change.

Despite this and the COVID-19 pandemic which hit the UK shortly after Storm Ciara, Calderdale’s kindness, resilience and community spirit have continued to shine through. Joint work has continued on the recovery and future resilience, and our communities have showed amazing support for this work and each other despite the challenges being faced.

Strong partnership work across the borough has seen good progress being made on improving flood protection and reducing the local impact of the global climate crisis. Some recent milestones can be seen in our press release and are being shared on our Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the day. Staff are invited to join in the conversation and share their experiences on Twitter using #StormCiara.

With the increasing impact of climate change, it is impossible to completely stop the risk of flooding, particularly in the Calder Valley due to the geography of the area.  Residents are urged to sign up for free flood warnings to get vital time to save themselves and their possessions from the devastating effects of flooding by visiting or contacting Floodline on 0345 988 1188. You can also check your flood risk online at

For advice and updates, please visit

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