How to help prevent falls at home

There are lots of simple but effective ways you can make the home safer for an elderly relative, and keep them accident-free during the winter months and through the latest lockdown.

It’s now getting darker earlier than before thanks to the changing seasons and the clocks going back, so don’t forget, outdoor lights on timers need to be adjusted to ensure the lights come on at the right time. Poor lighting could increase their chances of falling as it makes it harder for their brain to work out where they are and so makes it more difficult to balance.

Other safety precautions include:

  • Using window pulls to make it easier to open and close windows
  • Installing bed rails and “fall-out” mats to reduce the risk of an accident when getting up
  • Sock helpers reduce the need to bend over
  • Shower seats and grab rails
  • Toilet frames
  • Kitchen trolleys to remove the need to carry hot cups of tea
  • Half steps to reduce stair height
  • Rollators to provide support while walking.

NRS Healthcare has some useful guides to daily living for the elderly.

Here is a helpful guide to preventing falls from homecare provider Home Instead.






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