Home safety: how to spot risks and prevent accidents

Most of us spend a lot of time at home and we all want to feel safe there. You can keep yourself from harm by being aware of danger areas and unsafe habits.

Independent Age has identified some of the common hazards in your home and some simple preventive measures you can take.

Staying steady on your feet
Falls can affect your confidence and lead to loss of independence, but they are not an inevitable part of ageing and there are things you can do to prevent them. Simple lifestyle changes can go a long way to help you stay steady on your feet, such as regular exercise and eating well.

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Staying safe in the kitchen
There are many potential hazards in the kitchen – with running water, gas and electricity increasing the risk of fire or spills, for example. We’ve put together some tips on simple precautions you can take to stay safe in the kitchen. For instance, to avoid any unnecessary reaching or bending, rearrange your work surfaces so the things you use most are to hand.

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Independent Age has also published a guide covering fire safety, electrical safety, food safety, managing your medication and more

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