Fall’s Prevention Week

Falls prevention week is 1 – 7 October, but falling is something that can happen to us all at any time — miss a step coming off the bus, trip over a shoe lace or lose your balance—we have all been there. However, some people are more prone to falling and when falls stop being a rare accident and starts becoming more regular it can lead to serious injury and a loss of confidence in a short time.

Some of us may find we have been doing less this year and this has led to some people becoming less fit and flexible and in some cases they are now are more risk of falling.

Calderdale Council’s Falls Prevention workers offer a range of advice and practical support in looking at why people are having multiple falls and what can be done to help reduce this.

They are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch offering some 1:1 services which look at helping develop strength in muscles and  exploring confidence building following falls.  The support also cover issues such as safe ways to raise an alarm after falling.

Calderdale Council’s Staying Well service often visits these classes to encourage people to keep  exercising for overall wellness; strengthening bodies, building on balance skills and keeping them on their feet!

If you have concerns about falling, or would like to receive a falls risk assessment and advice, please contact Calderdale Council’s Gateway to Care on 01422 393000 to discuss a referral to the Community Rehabilitation Team who will link you to the right person.

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