The Science of Ageing

Medical News Today investigates the science of aging and the steps we can take to improve quality of life in later years.

This American scientific website has published some interesting research and information about the nature of ageing and answers some of the common myths:

Is physical deterioration inevitable?
Should you limit how you exercise?
Does your brain really slow down over time?

Read the latest installment in their “medical myths” series, which is all about aging.

But what causes aging, at a physiological level? They deep dive into biological aging, looking at the role of telomeres, the new science of immune aging, and how oxidative stress affects the body over time.

What happens to the brain as we age, the nature of dementia symptoms, and what to eat to protect brain function. They also look at why it is so important to maintain social connections, as well as the evidence for physical and mental exercises to ward off depression.

Their new Healthy Aging hub features 60 articles covering arthritis, cancer, exercise and nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular health, and other age-related conditions. There is also a section dedicated to Medicare, including information on the best plan for older adults.

Whether you are long in the tooth or still a spring chicken, their latest special investigation will expand your knowledge and help you and your loved ones take action to enjoy a healthier future.

Read the Science of Ageing.

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