Do you have a minute to reflect? World Mental Health Day is 10 October

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, “Do you have a minute?”… is the tagline for a new Calderdale community project called One Minute Motions, intended to help people achieve calm in these difficult times.

If you’ve ever spent just one minute on a meditation app – watching the circle move as you breathe in and out – you’ll know it helps calm your mind and body. Well, Curious Motion CIC are creating Calderdale’s very own version!

They are asking the people of Calderdale and beyond to create one-minute mindful videos, incorporating dance and movement to help boost mental wellbeing among the Calderdale community.

The videos will be posted (with credits to the makers) on an online gallery of One Minute Motion films that goes live on World Mental Health Day, Saturday 10 October 2020 with the tag #OneMinuteMotions

You don’t need experience or fancy equipment to create a one minute video and you can share them with your own friends and family too and help create more noise about the importance of mental wellbeing.

Find out more here:

Find out more about World Mental Health Day – a global movement to highlight and find solutions to the rapid rise in mental health problems in society.

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