Dementia awareness: what not to say to someone with dementia

In World Dementia Month, the Alzheimer’s Society has some advice for us on the words and questions to avoid using with dementia sufferers.

During the current coronavirus crisis, many familes are struggling to make sense of all the changes and speak to their loved one with dementia in ways that do not cause unnecessary suffering.  Good communication can be key to helping somebody to live well with dementia. Here are a few of the words and questions to avoid in conversation.

7 things not to say to somebody with dementia.

1. ‘Remember when…?’

2. ‘I’ve just told you that’

3. ‘Your brother died 10 years ago’

4. ‘What did you do this morning?’

5. ‘Do you recognise me?’

6. ‘Let’s have a cup of tea now, then after that we can go for nice walk and get lunch in that café you like in town.’

7. ‘Do you need some help with that, love?’

Find out why these statements don’t help and see alternative suggestions at The Alzheimer’s Society website. 

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