Calderdale Council’s Covid-19 FAQs

COVID-19 is still in Calderdale. We must all continue to follow the national guidance by washing our hands, keeping at least 2-metres distance from people outside of our household or bubble as much as possible, and continuing to wear a face covering.
Calderdale Council have an excellent set of frequently asked questions, which they keep updated – visit their website for all the answers to the questions we all have about the virus and how to tackle it in Calderdale:

Calderdale Council Covid-19 FAQs

Why have local restrictions been put in place?
How long will they be in place?
What are the local restrictions?
What is the difference between the local and national restrictions that apply to Calderdale?
Where do the local restrictions apply?
How were the restrictions decided on?
Can I still meet people outside?
Can people from outside the affected area come and visit me at my house?
Can I leave the affected area, for example to go on holiday?
Can I visit Calderdale for a holiday?
Can I go to a place of worship?
Can I go to pubs, cafes and restaurants?
Can I still go to work?
Can I visit a care home?
What is a support bubble?
I care for a friend or relative, can I still go to their house?
I care for a friend or relative, can I move in with them to support them?
Can I still enter people’s homes if I need to for work?
Can I still send my children to childcare?
Can I visit friends or family to provide childcare?
I have been shielding, what should I do?
Can sports clubs/teams train and play?
Can weddings or civil partnerships still take place in Calderdale?
Can funerals still take place in Calderdale?
Can I travel in a car with someone I do not live with?
What can I do to help bring the infection rate down

View the Council’s FAQ page

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