Consultation on Equitable Charging in Community Care

Consultation on Equitable Charging in Community Care: Live from Monday 24th August to Sunday 18th October 2020

Calderdale Council is looking for feedback on the proposed change to Care Charges for Community Services by removing the maximum weekly charge of £400.00. The Care Act 2014 gives local authorities powers to charge for care and support to recover the real costs they incur when contracting for care and support.

Calderdale Council currently caps the cost  of community services for people irrespective of their ability to pay. This is not the same for someone who may need residential services for people with similar financial circumstances where the would  be  charged  the  real  cost . The proposed change is to align charges with Residential care so the same financial thresholds apply to everyone. The Consultation is for service users who are directly impacted and those that may be affected should they need Community Services in the future.

You can send in your feedback in several ways:

  1. Via Engage (Internet) electronically:

2. Or a postal Information pack can be requested via telephone on 01422 390000 Or by sending an email request to the following email address:

There is also a designated support to help complete Questionnaires (Joanna Marshall telephone: 07771978940/ 01422 392555. Email:

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