Britain’s oldest COVID-19 survivor is 107 years old!

At 107, Angela Hutor has survived two world wars and five respiratory pandemics including the 1918 Spanish Flu.

The Telegraph has reported on the amazing story of Angela Hutor who has lived through both World Wars and five respiratory pandemics including the 1918 Spanish Flu.  She caught COVID-19 in April and nearly died but has lived to tell the tale.

She celebrated her 107th birthday last week, and was asked the secret of living to 107.  She said:

“Count your blessings. That’s important and a fresh orange every day – cut into quarters, not juiced.”

The Telegraph report continues:

Mrs Hutor’s parents are Italian but she moved first to Cannes in France and then to London when she was eight. She remembers age five or six, the Spanish Flu pandemic which swept Europe towards the end of the First World War, killing millions.

She said:

“We just went on as usual. People went to work and carried on as best they could. Not like today. We just carried on. No masks.”

She believes we could learn a thing or two from previous pandemics and advises family and friends to “keep calm”.

“Work is important and keep busy. Keep occupied, use your brain as much as you can and that should keep you going.

“I’m not really worried about the current situation, I’ve had the virus. [But] I think a depression will come from this – I’m afraid it’s going to be as bad the 1930s”.

“But even though there was a depression, we managed to get by, we weren’t flashy. That’s what young people need to do today.

“I think it will get back to normal. We will get through this.”

Mrs. Hutor now lives in a care home in North East London.

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