New design for Calderdale Forum 50 Plus website

On 18 August, we refreshed the design of the Forum 50 Plus website, to give it a new, bolder, stronger look and to make it easier to find and read all our news, advice and support.


Established in 2015, Calderdale Forum 50 Plus is a non-profit community organisation that aims to represent and promote the collective voice of people over the age of 50 in Calderdale through Communication, Campaigning, Influencing, Encouraging and Empowering.

Our website is a core part of this service and a powerful way to communicate quickly and easily to older people and their families across Calderdale, and with the crisis caused by coronavirus the site became vital source of information and advice to many people.

Our web traffic has increased dramatically over the last few months, and as a result we decided to refresh the website: adding new headers, more images and a better layout – to make it easier to find and read the latest news items and issues of concern.

We would like to hear your thoughts and opinion on this redesign.  Let us know if it works for you or if there is something you would like to change.  Is it easy to read? Can you find what you are looking for?  Whatever you think, we want to hear your views.

Use our feedback form to tell us what you think.






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