Get your finances in shape for the months ahead

According to the Moneysavingexpert website, now is a good time to get your finances in shape ahead of the winter months.

It is always a good idea to keep on top of your finances, and with many people struggling due to the impact of coronavirus its never been easier to switch suppliers. But many of us don’t take the time to do it.

With the UK now officially in recession and unemployment rising, by checking all your outgoings, you could make some decent savings.  Use this checklist to see what you can save.

Energy bills  

Switching can save you up to £250 per year.  Citizen’s Advice have an excellent free energy support service, if you find switching too difficult.  New supplier “Lookaftermybills” is also worth a look.   Once you have signed up, they will switch you automatically each year to a cheaper deal.

Find out more about the Citizen’s Advice energy assessment service.

Council tax

People do over-pay on council tax and it could be worth challenging your bill.  A 10-min check could save £1,000s if you’re in the wrong band or you’re missing out on discounts.


There are now lots of new fixed rate deals around which could save you thousands over the long term. Check out the Moneysavingexpert Remortgage Guide and Mortgage Best Buys.

Credit cards

If you are paying interest on bills which are mounting up, you should look at switching.   You can quickly and easily compare rates at moneysupermarket or comparethemarket.  You may be able to get up to 24 months at zero rate of interest.


If your are out of contract but happy with your phone, you might make savings with a new SIM.  check out this Cheap Sims link.

Car insurance

You should never auto-renew, but thousands of us do.  Check out the best deals available again at any of the comparison websites:, moneysupermarket or comparethemarket.


Reduce your bills and get a speed boost. The cheapest fibre broadband and line in 3yrs is now available at £14.99/month. See more broadband deals.


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