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Here we report on a new healthy living guide released by Indpendent Age, the charity campaigning on behalf of older people.

‘Living well with long-term health conditions’ guide
Living with a long-term health condition can be tough. These are conditions that can’t be cured but can be managed with medication or other treatments. Over time, you may have developed your own ways of coping.

Their ‘Living well with long-term health conditions’ guide covers a range of topics from pain management, managing conflicting advice, how to get the most out of medical appointments and where to look for support.

Order your free copies from Independent Age website

Getting medical support if you need it

If you are feeling unwell or need help with an on-going medical condition, it’s important you get the advice, support and medical care you need, despite the ongoing pandemic. While you might not be able to visit your GP surgery, you should still call your GP or NHS 111.

You can visit the NHS website for more information.

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