Healthy Minds: Service update from mental health charity

Healthy Minds is the working name of Calderdale Wellbeing, a mental health charity based in Halifax.  Here’s highlights from their latest newsletter, with a link to download the full document at the end.

Visit Healthy Minds website here.

Many people feel anxious about changes to lockdown restrictions and continued uncertainty about what the future looks like. Covid-19 is a life-changing event that affects everyone, and we all have questions to which there aren’t necessarily answers.

Our services are still running as much as possible, with staff continuing to work from home for the time being, until it is deemed safe and responsible for people who come to us for support, as well as staff and  volunteers. Our premises remain closed for now but the team has been as busy as ever.

Outdoor activities
We are looking at some outdoor activities, our allotments and walking groups, becoming available during August / September, when we are confident that this can be done safely. There will  be restrictions on numbers and people will need to book places on these activities.

Indoor activities
We are not yet considering indoor activities, like drop-ins, support groups and visitors to our premises, including Safespace. These will continue to be available by telephone, text and online for the foreseeable future.

Our teams have been developing new workshops that will be delivered online. Safespace is available every evening and our volunteers have been offering telephone befriending, and this is developing into a new peer support service that will be up and running soon.

Text messaging
A new text messaging service is about to be launched, giving another way to get in touch – particularly important for people who don’t have internet access.

My thanks go to the Healthy Minds team for keeping going in tough circumstances: staff, volunteers and trustees have been pouring time and energy into doing as much as we can rather than brooding over what we can’t. This goes for the other local organisations with which we work, including Calderdale Council, Clinical Commissioning Group and VSI Alliance. Thanks too to people and groups who have given their support to Healthy Minds: Hebden WI, staff at Covea Insurance, and individuals have been raising funds in all sorts of ways, for which we are always honoured and grateful. It’s working together – protecting and supporting each other – that will get us  through this and, as I hope the above shows, there is plenty of that about in Calderdale.

Jonny Richardson Glenn, Chief Officer

Download Full Newsletter (PDF)

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