Over-75s urged to take on BBC over free TV licences

Silver Voices, a group for senior citizens is calling on pensioners to and those over age 60 to protest against the imposition of the licence fee.

The “Gum up the Works” campaign is proposing direct action to ‘gum up the works’ of TV Licensing to force the BBC and Government to find ways to reinstate the free TV licence for the over 75s. The plan is for all over 60s to complicate and delay payments of the fees to ensure collection and enforcement become unworkable.

From Saturday 1 August, viewers over 75 will no longer be automatically exempt from paying the £157.50 licence fee.   TV Licensing will then start sending out the 4.5 million “payment invitation” letters.

Although households do not need to act until after the letters land, the 3 million aged over 75 who do not receive pension credit will still be expected to pay for the year from 1 August.

About 1.5 million households with a resident over 75 will still be eligible for a free licence.

Read more about Silver Voices.

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