July news from the Macular Society

The Macular Society’s July e-newsletter is now out and includes the following and more:

Patients urged to seek treatment, before it is too late
A new report has revealed more than a 70% reduction in new referrals and a high rate of missed appointments due to the coronavirus. 

Read more on why it is so important to get a quick diagnosis.

‘We desperately want to change the future for Matilda’
At just three and a half Matilda was diagnosed with macular disease at a routine eye test. In Macular Week, her family shared her story.

‘As scientists our ultimate aim is to make people’s lives better’
In Macular Week the society shared Matilda’s story. Matilda is just seven years old and her parents would so desperately like a cure in her lifetime. So, what progress is being made?

‘Exercise can slow or prevent vision loss, study finds”
A new study has found that exercise can slow or prevent the development of macular degeneration and may benefit other common causes of vision loss.  Read more…

Read the full newsletter here

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