Bus App now shows capacity & wheelchair spaces

Earlier this month First Buses updated their mobile app to show bus capacity in ‘real-time’.

This has enabled customers across the region to live track the location of their next bus and its available capacity. The display will show customers a bus icon on a map depicting the live location and available capacity of each vehicle on the route (please see image below).

This new functionality will allow customers to make informed decisions about their journeys. The innovation uses the new passenger counting functionality with data from this system feeding directly to the First Bus app in real time.

They are also using the same technology to show if a customer is on board the bus using a wheelchair.

This should help passengers with journey planning and provide further confidence & reassurance both during this period of restricted travel but also into the future.

The First Bus App upgrade is available to iOS & Android phone users now.

For more information on First Buses support for wheelchair users, see the Calderdale Disability Partnership website.

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