Put the toilet seat lid down before flushing to avoid spread of COVID-19

Researchers in China have discovered that infectious particles from flushing toilets can be spread upwards.

Although the spread of coronavirus has mainly been through coughing, sneezing and touching shared surfaces, it has now been found that the virus can carry upwards in aerosol droplets from the toilet bowl during flushing. These droplets may then be inhaled by the next user of the cubicle.

This means as we start to use toilet facilities in public places, or other homes, as lockdown restrictions ease, we need to take additional precautions. As well as rigorous handwashing, cleaning surfaces regularly and wearing a face covering; we should now add closing the toilet seat lid before flushing.

Given that particles from the toilet can linger for some time after use and possibly cause fecal-oral transmission of the virus, reducing use of public facilities may be advisable, where possible.

Read the research abstract here.


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