Council Update – 10 Point Coronavirus Plan

Calderdale council have recently (8 June) updated their ten-point-plan to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can read the plan in full on their website here

Or read the key points in our summary below.

1. Deliver our statutory health responsibilities

Shared and helped to interpret guidance on PPE with care homes and health partners.
and on key worker testing and working to promote uptake of testing in Calderdale.

Monitored adherence to social distancing guidance in the borough. and developed an integrated weekly COVID report on cases, admissions, deaths, capacity, testing.

A dedicated phoneline for COVID-19 enquiries into the Public Health team: 01422 393975. All calls responded to with one working day.

Circulation of infection prevention messages, guidance and advice to schools, early years settings, business sector and care provider sector.

Local test and trace group established to deliver the local elements of the national programme. 
Identified first tranche of people to be trained and mobilised to support the management of local outbreaks.

Set up resources through Active Calderdale to enable the public to stay active.

Increasing our support for care homes by increasing Infection Prevention and Control capacity.
Established care home task and finish group to co-ordinate support to the wider health and care system.

Amended testing locations to allow “walk-through” personal swabbing.

Cedar Court opened to provide short-term additional care bed based capacity. 

Developed a care home COVID-19 prevention action plan. Focusing on testing of staff and residents without cases.

2. Target our efforts on those who will most need our help and support if they get COVID-19

Having worked with partners and government to identify and support those at highest clinical risk.  Over 8,877 residents have been identified on the Shielded Lists provided by the NHS. Over 6,507 individuals have been triaged, with the relevant levels of support provided by our Social Care and Volunteer Hub.

Those others most vulnerable to the risk of Coronavirus were identified and where possible placed in temporary accommodation.

Local whole care home testing co-ordinated and now being rolled out. This complements the national testing programme.  Over 1,000 care home staff have been tested, which represents 59% of the total workforce.

3. Target support on other key vulnerable groups to reduce inequalities

Delivering support to asylum seekers and linking up offers of volunteer support to keep food banks open.

All social work, Youth Justice Service, Health Visitors, NHS and early intervention teams continue to be in regular face-to-face and remote contacts with our most vulnerable children, young people and families.

Specific messages on being active, eating well and looking after mental health and well-being for people with learning difficulties have been created and published. 
Delivering harm reduction services, such as needle exchange and Naloxone services from the shelter daily.

4. Co-ordinate our community response

Using volunteering networks to deliver food and essential supplies to those in need and those identified as most vulnerable. 928 registered volunteers to 21st May.  836 parcels and 583 meals disrupted by the Volunteer Hub each week.  More work underway to ensure food banks can continue to open.

Monitoring the vulnerability of the voluntary sector and organisations that require further support.

12 closure notices issued to businesses not complying with the closure of non-essential business guidance and 649 COVID-19 warnings issued by West Yorkshire Police in Calderdale. 

Schools advised not to reopen on 1st June for nursery, year 1 and year 6 classes because the Government’s five tests were not met.  This will continue to be reviewed.

Library co-ordinators based at King Cross have been delivering a Virtual Reading Spa.Safe space ambassadors are to be in place from the week commencing 1st June. They will advise the public on social distancing and offer support.  Widening pavements, moving bus stops, suspension of parking bays, improved cycle links. These are to make sure that social distancing can be kept and enable safe spaces.

6. Support our businesses

Business hub ( established and targeted support provided to businesses.

Working with Bradford and Kirklees for Flood Resilience Grants (in addition to initial emergency grants). Looking to go live in June.

4,923 grants have been processed that total £55.185 million at 4th June and a new discretionary grant support scheme has been established which will provide grants to businesses who haven’t previously received support from other schemes.

Sport Services has spent the last few weeks supporting sports clubs (39 submissions). 24 have been assessed, with 20 approved that equals over £60k support to 15th May.

Plans in place to enable businesses to reopen safely on the 1st and 15th June. (With guidance offered to businesses on how to operate with social-distancing.)

6. Enhance our workforce resilience and care for our staff

Where possible Council staff are working from home (1500 remote working at 5th May) and HR policies have been adapted to support staff and their health and wellbeing.  The Princess building has been adapted to protect our workforce through safe working.

All staff receive daily updates from the Chief Executive to provide most up to date information and re-enforce key messages.

An emerging learning log is being used to capture all positive lessons that have been learnt. This is to make sure that there is better future practice.

7. Support governance, decision making and community leadership

Delegated emergency powers will be exercised by the Chief Executive and Chief Officers when necessary. 
Virtual planning committee taking place in June.
The Scrutiny Department is now holding a full programme of meetings including a meeting on Children’s services on 6th June.

8. Monitor and respond to community, faith and neighbourhood issues and tensions

Developed a Community Protection Hub and continue to monitor and respond to issues relating to community tensions, working with the existing Calderdale Interfaith partnership structure to build stronger community ties and support across the borough.

Working with partners to respond to issues around: Anti-Social Behaviour,
fires, licensed premises still operating and groups of people congregating.

Community Protection Team officers are continuing to undertake non-compliance patrols. They also offer reassurance to those residents concerned about gatherings.

A dedicated daily Environmental Health patrol set up. Nine closure notices have been served.

9. Capture financial and organisational impact

Progressing and adding new Government grants to help cash flow in the short-term.
Updated impact of COVID-19’s cost to the Council now stands at £28m. Government additional funding stands at £12m, which leaves a £16 million shortfall.

A financial recovery plan is being developed. This will help reduce the gap between the potential cost to the council and the funding available.

10. Communicate, communicate, communicate

All Council services and Neighbourhood teams use their existing networks to disseminate information to the public in accurate and timely fashion.

115,902 views accessing guidance on COVID-19 on our website by 1st June.

Supported and developed a high number of national, regional and local social media campaigns. This includes #inittogether and #Councilscan.

A series of graphics showcasing our achievements in the Councils COVID-19 response are now being broadcast and delivered a series of graphics and communcations celebrating and thanking Calderdale’s volunteers for volunteer week.

Hosted a Facebook Q&A on Health and well-being advice and support for our Black and Asian communities. 

Guidance published to clarify new social distancing guidance from the Government.

Signs to be installed around the borough to highlight the need to continue social distancing. In total 1,000 signs will be installed alongside floor markings.

Read the Council’s plan in full here

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