Calderdale Council Support: FAQs in large print

Calderdale council has produced a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on support for vulnerable residents.

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been put together to help people understand what help is available during these difficult times. It is aimed at those who may be more vulnerable to the disease itself or the disruption it causes.

View the large print FAQs here

The FAQs’ Contents are as follows:
General FAQs Who might be vulnerable to COVID-19? – Page 2
What does ‘Shielding’ mean? – Page 2
Who is vulnerable due to the disruption caused by the disease? – Page 4
What help is available and how can I access this? – Page 5
What other help is available? – Page 6
I’m worried about shopping for food – can I get help? – Page 7
I’m worried about access to medications – can I get help? – Page 7
I have other health needs – what should I do? – Page 8
I’m worried about going into hospital – what should I do? – Page 8
I’ve heard that some people have been scammed – how can I avoid this? – Page 8

See Page 9 for these specific queries:

I receive care from a home care agency – will this be affected?
I live in a care home – will this be affected? 
I am a recipient of Direct Payments – will this be affected?

Are you in need of additional support?

You can contact the council via:  The Council Website – If you don’t have internet access you can call 01422 392890.

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